Monday, February 20, 2012


  Snow is an essential element to Imbolc. Nature offers us so much beauty throughout the year, it is literally never ending! I bring bits of this beauty to the way I dress, not being able to reach nature´s level of course, but by doing it in my own way. Accentuating the most beautiful features of each season.

  This time I crafted a snowflake out of small glass beads.

A nice addition to an evening gown. You are so up-to-date wearing snowflakes as jewellery for parties in the middle of the snowy season!
The size of the snowflake depends on the size of the beads you decide to use. If made of bigger, wooden beads for example, this model would go well as house decor too!

The same snowflake worn in everyday wear. Very versatile little thing!

The make up is matched to suit my clothing. I used pastel mint and medium grey in the eyes, and glittering clear lipgloss in the lips. But the snowflake is what takes this combination into a whole new level of chic!

  Beading is a totally new area to conquer for me. I´ve tried a few simple little things before, and have been impressed by the end result. It does take quite a lot of time to get something finished, but it is still satisfying to see you can make such things.

  Instructions to make this snowflake can be found in crafting magazines, books, or on the net ( for example here ).
  This one is really a fun project, and it feels good to see how you can do it!

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