Monday, February 27, 2012


  Increasing light is the first sign of spring. And that I have been enjoying, and drawing more energy from, lately. But now the other day I was fortunate to notice the second sign: birds singing!
  It´s been so quiet for months. But now the little creatures have awakened to a new spring by looking for mates for the coming summer. The nature is slowly gaining it´s livelihood again after the winter sleep. So lovely! I thoroughly enjoy observing these uplifting signs of spring! (And it´s free of charge!   =)

This is the view from my living room window, the one I always eat breakfast by. Although it is still very snowy, and my compost bin is frozen solid =(  spring is slowly but surely lifting it´s head. And I´m loving it!
  It is said that sometimes the waiting of something great to happen is more than the actual happening itself. I love summer the most of all seasons, but is spring even better after all...?

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