Wednesday, February 8, 2012


  Light blue and silvery grey - the key colors of Imbolc - appear in nail fashion in Nelland. It is best to use basic colors of the season for nails, because you will be going around with the same polish matched to different outfits.
  I always opt for reducing toxins in my body, and therefore adore this dotted style of doing my nails. This way you will get about 80% less toxins in your body from nailpolish, but still look stylish and well cared for!

Metallic in the light blue, and silver in the grey, make these dots resemble little jewels. But are so much easier to apply and wear!

Using different colored nailpolish in the dots makes the look more interesting than mono-colored.

Lovely colors of  cold and frost!

  Inglot is my favorite brand for nailpolish. They have a wide variety of colors, and I have found their polishes to be very durable. I usually do my nails on Sunday evening, so I´m all set for the coming week. Mostly I only need to fix some worn out dots once during the week! And that´s the cool thing about styling nails with dots; you can easily fix the look to make it brand new again!

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