Friday, December 2, 2011


Whenever I design a new look, I always create a matching makeup for it as well. I want to ease my morning rush by thinking ahead, so when I´m in front of the mirror I know what I need to do, even when my mind is still half asleep. Overall I like to be so well prepared for the day´s challenges, that when I leave the house, I don´t have to think or worry about my looks for the rest of the day. That requires a good planning ahead.
  I have a favorite purple sweater I like to wear each Samhain. I love purple overall as a color, but need to be careful I don´t look too purple. Matching colors are nice, but too much of the same turns against itself.
  I sat down and thought about the makeup I wanted to wear with my favorite turtleneck this year. Here´s the plan on my always-a-favorite Bratz image, colored with coloring pencils to achieve an organic look:

No purple on the face, when the sweater is already so rich in purple. The colors used here emphasize the general mood of my Samhain; cool, gloomy, even a bit zombie-like in terms of greyish lack of color. I used cool tones of brown, and medium grey.

   Here´s how it all looks like in reality:

  This is once again, a going-to-work-look, so I don´t apply too much makeup. I like to look neat and made up, but not masked on. There is a fine line between being stylish and wearing a costume or a mask. I need to keep that in mind! So I choose toned down looks of the great (and sometimes exaggerated) ones in my imagination =).

  Here´s what I did (I don´t go into detail with skin makeup, it just needs to look healthy):
1.  I add blush at the beginning, so I do it more carefully, when there are not yet other colors to bluff me going overboard with it. Here I added cool, greyish brown just under the cheekbone and a bit on the apples of the cheeks.
2.  Eyebrows. I don´t do anything mysterious, just brush them up and outward, fill in any blank spots with a brow pencil, and finally fix them into place with clear mascara. (I do this step also carefully, too much color in my eyebrows make me look angry easily. I want the focus to be in my eyes, not anywhere else.)
3.   For the eyes I applied medium, shimmering, eyeshadow for the entire lid and into the crease. Also a bit to the outer half or a third of the lower lash line. On the outer third of the moving upper lid I applied a thin coat of shimmering, dark cool brown eyeshadow, and smudged the edges in the crease area. Curled lashes were then coated thinly with black mascara (top lashes only).
4.   Finally I apply lip gloss over balm-moistened lips. The color here is shimmering nude beige. It is not easy to find a tone matching your vision!

  Maintenance during the whole day needs only adding lip balm and gloss. That is the other reason why I prefer milder made up lips; the wearing of lipstick during my day doesn´t show so easily  =).

  Have a beautiful day, everyone!

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