Tuesday, December 13, 2011


  I like to make presents instead of buying them. I want people to know I truly appreciate having them in my life, and I imagine to achieve this by putting time and effort in the presents I give them. Be they birthday-, Christmas-, or whatever presents. It is way too easy and lame to just pop into a store and buy something. Blah... We all have pretty much what we need anyway, and I´m strongly against stacking junk in our homes and lives.

  I have two lovely goddaughters ( there are no third and fourth ones, whom I don´t like - I only have two goddaughters period ). It is always a treat to figure out what to give them for Christmas. This year I got a personal request from one of the girl´s mother to make her a lilac dress with a pocket ( she likes pockets ). Here´s what I sew for the three-year-old:

The fabric is recycled. It used to be a bed sheet, so it´s made of pure cotton and has been washed in hot numerous times to make all the excess coloring to dilute.

The pocket holds little treasures.

Snap fasteners are quick and easy to use, and there is another pair hidden for a bigger size, when she grows.

Hem edge I trimmed with a bias strip. This fabric is new, but a piece of leftover I stashed away last spring. It gives the whole dress a finished look, and puffs up the hem nicely to make it more princess-silhouetted.

   For this dress I used and needed:
recycled fabric for the dress
contrast fabric for the edges
snap fasteners

  Any pattern can be used. I like to buy sewing magazines that have several patterns all in one magazine, instead of single patterns often sold in sewing/fabric stores. But anything goes, as long as you like it!
  Kids´ clothes are ideal to make out of recycled fabrics because the pieces are small, and can be fitted into grown ups´ old clothes for example. Grown up pants often make a new pair of kid´s pants, and so do shirts and sweaters.

  I hope this will become my goddaughter´s favorite little dress! Merry Christmas Heidi!

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