Tuesday, December 20, 2011


   The decoration around home is what makes a true Yule spirit. I will have family come over to our house for Christmas again, as a tradition we started years ago. I want to give them a rich experience and a strong sensation of the season´s spirit during their stay, so I always do my best with home deco. Doing my best doesn´t mean going overboard though.

I use the same base ( the old and worn old army boots here ) pretty much throughout the year, and change the decoration around it to create each sabbat it´s distinctive mood.

Ah, you can almost smell the wonderful scent of hyacinth, can´t you?

Combining store bought items with natural decoration, such as pine cones and spruce twigs here, accentuates the effect of both of them.
A cabinet I have in the living room. On it lays a calendar book I got for Christmas several years ago. I have used it ever since. It shows and tells how the climate change has affected the planet over the years. A good reminder to start one´s day with...

My dear son crafted this red-nosed elf of clay this fall. Good job for a seven-year-old, and another treasure money can´t buy for my collection!  =)  

Dinner table in the kitchen. I have fallen in love with moss this winter. Here I have surrounded a candle with it, and made sure the glass jar is definitely high enough to protect the moss from catching on fire! I live in an old house, and therefore couldn´t fulfill my dream of having a real window at the end of dinner table. This one shown in the picture is just an old frame hung on solid wall. The view of course isn´t breathtaking, so I added some old lace curtains and clear Christmas lights behind the glasses. Works well for me, giving the sense of space.
These cones I might leave to hang for longer than only this Yule time. There´s nothing Christmasy about them really, so why not?

I simply love old, tanned, book sheets combined with white lace, natural hemp twine, and plain traditional wrapping paper!

  It seems to be yet another soulful and pretty Yule here in Nelland, and it´s only a few nights away! 

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