Tuesday, November 29, 2011


  If I was a little girl, I´d probably love the Bratz world. Even as an adult I´m fascinated by the strong styles that have been created to the dolls. They are, of course, wildly exaggerated images of us people, but in them, certain features can be clearly pointed out. Like big hair, eyes, tiny waists and ,surprisingly to me, big feet (is it because that way the dolls can stand better?). All except big feet are features we humans love and try to bring out in our own appearance as well. I happen to like sturdy, platformed shoes, so the Bratz´s big feet are fine with me.
  So what? Well, I´ve taken a little bit of the Bratz world into Nelland by using a simplified image of a doll to design outfits on. Here´s what my template looks like "naked".

I have modified the original picture by "removing" the  doll´s clothes, and using only the imagined outlines of it´s figure.

  I have a stack of these printed out at home. Usually the time I design my future outfits takes place in the mornings when I´m having breakfast. I sip my green tea and snack on fruit, and let my imagination fly. I love mainly classical and traditional looks, but in the way I see them in my head. I never imitate what other people are wearing, or what is in the stores. I´ve learned what Trinny and Susannah have to say about body shapes, and taken their advice to find fitting basic patterns for myself. I use the same patterns all year round, but use different kinds of fabrics, and add lots of features to each to reach the desired look.
  Now that I´m pregnant, it´s not so simple anymore, and I´ve had to compromise on things. The next image is exceptional, because it includes a garment I have not made myself; the dress. I caught myself cutting a corner there, I think because I haven´t found fitting maternity patterns easily and enough. Anyway, here it is.

I color the parts that belong to the specific look, and leave out others, like the eyes and hair. I use coloring pencils, so the darkest colors don´t exactly match reality, like in this one, black. This Bratz figure has a bulging belly to make it fit my own figure now. I find it important to leave visible the outlines of the body, to be able to see the fitting of the clothes drawn on. Oh, how much better she looks than I in reality! I can always keep this image in my mind throughout the day, when wearing these clothes  =)

  And here I am in the same clothes, genuinely right before leaving for work. So there is nothing fake about the pictures, just plain everyday life.

Reality does set us strict boundaries on what can and can´t be done. Like there is no way my eyes could ever be as popping as a Bratz´s, but that´s not the point. I don´t want to be a Bratz, I only use them as examples, when playing and having fun with clothes and style altogether. Dressing up should be fun! We all have to wear some clothes anyway, why not something that pleases our own eyes and makes us feel good?       


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