Friday, December 9, 2011

WELCOME YULE (Dec 21-23) !

Winter solstice, midwinter!

CHARACTERISTICS:  The darkest day of the year, but on the other hand, it marks the point where it starts to get lighter again! That calls for a big party! Christmas is one big event, and the other one is New Year. Both have very different looks, and divide Yule-time in half.

COLORS:  Grey is the key color. Up to Christmas it is mixed with red, green, and white. And from New Year´s on, with dark blue, silver, and white.

FOOD: Potatoes and root vegetables! Mashed is my favorite way of eating potatoes. Also baking them, wedged, in the oven is excellent. Potatoes are a staple food in the middle of winter, and meals are enriched with coleslaw-type of shredded root vegetable salads. Deep into winter well preserving foods include cabbage, beets, and carrots, as well as some winter apples. Imported citrusfruits add a nice touch, but I use them in moderation. It´s not the best idea to feed myself mainly with foods that need to be flown accross the world to get to my plate...

CLOTHES:  Fake fur gives an illusion of warmth, which I like. Real fur is much warmer, but I rather not use it, due to ethical reasons. We have such advanced technology, we can replace exploitation of living creatures other ways. My recent favorite in fabrics is fleece. I love to sew pants out of fleece, because it is so warm against the skin, no pantyhose needed underneath! It gets very cold here in winter (-20 Celcius + wind effect is normal) and if using other type of fabric, thick pantyhose are essential, but so uncomfortable! Knits are a must. Warm, cosy, and down-to-earth describe the look before Christmas. And after it, some glit and glam is allowed in the post-New-Year time.

These are all pictures from last year. We´ll see what Yule in Nelland looks like this year!

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