Thursday, December 22, 2011


  This year I´m staying with the basic shapes in my wardrobe, since my own shape is just the opposite of basic! I´ve come to realize that no matter how much I like dresses and skirts normally, they just aren´t very flattering to my current figure. Wearing a normal t-shirt with wide-legged pants is the best option right now.
  I designed a look suitable for Yule. Here´s the sketch:

Red and grey. The best place to start! Two essential colors of the season. The idea is to look casual, yet well put together. The hairband is the key element to making this look polished. I wear no jewelry for a change. It´s a good idea to alter the amount of make up and jewelry throughout the year, so you don´t get stuck with only one custom. Since Yule is the time of midwinter, I wanted to accentuate that by creating a strongish blush on the cheeks, which is naturally due outside in the crispy air. But we all spend so much time inside these days, that the effect doesn´t last very long naturally, so I thought it needed a boost. All in all, casual, comfortable, healthy looking style.

And here it is on me, in real life:

We have exceptionally little snow by Yule this year, but I have my hopes up. It is trying to snow even during the photo shoot, thus the white spots in the picture.

Clean, fresh make up, with nothing too much. Healthy cheeks are the key. You can see how simply adding the hairband makes this look polished, without gimmicks. Sometimes simplicity is bliss.

  Here is the same exact picture, first taken without a flash, then with a flash. The make up looks very different in each.

  Make up how-to:
Eyes: only ivory white eyeshadow on the whole of the moving lids. Eyeliner can be added to make the eyes pop a bit, if you have pale eyes like mine ( I often envy people with dark eyes, which reduces the need of make up overall ). Eyebrows are brushed and filled in with light brow color, only to create a neat brow.
Cheeks: warm red, slightly glittery blush on the apples of the cheeks to create a healthy, rosy, look. Just like the one you have after skiing or building a snowman.
Lips: warm red, non-sparkling, lipstick is dabbed softly and subtly to the lips, preferably by your fingers to make it look not made up.

  So here it is, the very core of my Yule look this year. Red and grey is a classic combination, and classic I like, but with a twist to suit my personal style. 
  And the clothes are, of course, wholly made by me, using my favorite patterns once again. ( You can find yours by testing and modifying. What suits one person, doesn´t mean it suits the next. )

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