Friday, December 23, 2011


   This delight is heavenly, and  actually good for you! It contains no artificial ingredients and is all raw too.  My favorite Yule time breakfast. It is so sweet that some might like to eat it as a dessert also. But I crave it in the mornings, chocolate in the evenings...

Looks like chocolate pudding, but the color comes purely from prunes.

Cashews add a lovely creaminess to this treat. Vanilla is a must.

  The recipe:

100-150g prunes (or just how much you want to eat)
1dl cashews
vanilla (sugar)
cinnamon to taste
( a banana if you don´t soak the prunes )

+ Soak the prunes in little water over night. 
Blend all in a blender, using enough water to reach the desired consistency. Check the taste, and indulge!

   This has been my Friday breakfast all through Yule this year. Simple and lovely!

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