Thursday, December 22, 2011


  I´ve continuously been enthusiastic to make these pieces of art for my friends for present. I´ve given them away all fall long, and now the ones who don´t already have ones, will get them for Christmas. Each designed to match the recipient´s personality and style.

These go to my three-year-old  goddaughter. She loves princesses and I chose the background color lilac to match the dress her mother wished I´d make for her (and I did).
Why shouldn´t I call the recipient of  these a princess also?! She´s my dear sister (nearly 32-year-old). She doesn´t like ruffles or lace, but is more like a faery-princess type to me. Always wanders in forests and parks, and spends lots of time outdoors overall. I know she likes the outdoors to show in her home decorating as well, and her main color in living room is green. I believe these paintings will go wonderfully with her theme!

These ones are for a bit bigger princess (in age, not fat). The recipient is my other goddaughter, who is almost six years old. This one was a bit more tricky. She loves all the princess bling-bling, but her mother hates pink and ruffles and all that. So to compromise, I painted princesses (and what is a princess without her prince?!) but chose a color from the girl´s room to match the background with. Works well, I think!
These babies go to my dear mother, who is over fifty, but inside still a little girl. She loves everything pretty, and I do mean pretty more than beautiful. She would probably wear ruffles and lace even to work every day, if there was nobody to advice her better... I had to choose a white background because I´m not sure which room she will be placing these paintings. White goes everywhere, she has it in every room, but not all of the walls are white. I had to compromise.
  I wish all of you a creative Christmas time, enjoy the works of your hands, even if they just peel off that wrapping paper of a candy cane!

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