Friday, August 1, 2014


  This is my second staple outfit these days. I made it especially for warm summer days, and boy have I needed it lately!

From summer cabin to jazz festival, clad in this lightweight blue viscose dress I have felt ready to go and comfortable. It is a great piece to take with me on the go, because the wrinkles don´t show from all the print. =)
Thin natural fabrics are the best choice for hot summer weather. This is actually the first summer I have ever tested them out in my own sewing projects. Glad I did!

The hem is in fact a huge ruffle that flows generously in the wind, maximizing the cooling effect.

In the front there´s a row of buttons, but only for decorative purpose, the front is made of  one solid piece. I wanted the dress to have a bit more of a tailored look. 
The back is gathered slightly with an inch-wide rubber band to show a bit of the arch. It gives a more feminine silhouette.

    Quoting tv-shops "How did I ever manage without this dress before"?!  =)

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