Sunday, August 31, 2014


  "Mary had a little lamb"-song was the inspiration to this dress. For some odd reason it feels fitting for Lammas (which is a funny coincidence, since "Lammas" means "lamb" in my native language Finnish  =).

Partly see-through, romantic floral and lace fabric in very light yellowish beige. I fell in love with the fabric when I saw it last year, and bought it right away back then. But it took a full year to find the time to turn it into something wearable. It was challenging to find a way to keep it casual enough to still fit to work. I did that by keeping the shape simple and adding a slightly darker fabric underneath.
Wearing my hair up makes the wide lace collar show better. I definitely wanted to add some lace to the dress, while still keeping it casual. A wide band of it around the neck hole acts sort of like a necklace in itself.
I just love these clogs! I got them years back from Gudrun Sjodén, and the soles are really a single piece of wood. They feel so natural. It is getting cool already, so I needed to wear pantyhose today. But in warmer weather bare legs are the best option.
The color of the dress is so muted that I wanted to spark it up with yellow jewelry. The necklace is years old, and the earrings are of course my own design aromatherapy butterflies. Makeup is minimal and natural.

  Although this outfit is initially for me to wear at work, I also attended a birthday party in it. My goddaughter turned six, and I thought it would suit her fantasy world of princesses and princes perfectly. Yes, I guess I could say this outfit is a piece of my fantasy world. Turned into reality that is. Yay!

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