Tuesday, August 19, 2014


  Red cherries on white is such a delicious classic, that I could not resist buying this fabric when I saw it. Yes, I admit, purely by impuls (shame on me). But it makes such a cute dress for my girl.

Now this makes me crave for a cherry pie!
A real treat. The material is cotton jersey, so the dress is super comfy to wear. The back is identical to the front. The cherries themselves were detail enough for the dress, so I did not want to overwhelm the whole with further decorating. I like a certain sleekness in clothes, leaving room and attention to the person wearing them.

Raglan sleeves.
A ruffle in the hem adds volume and girlishness.
   My daughter got a cherry tree as a gift when she was born. The tree is still very young of course (but alive, which can not be taken for granted under my care... =), but there was not a single berry in it this year. Last year there were like five, but none this summer. I wonder why. So luckily, thanks to this dress, we´re able to enjoy cherries in at least some form!

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