Friday, August 22, 2014


  The photo shoot yesterday went really well. Although the fact that the other woman I posed with in lingerie was seven years younger than me and a fitness model, did not exactly maximize my fabulousness, but I still felt good and beautiful. Do I really have that good of a self esteem? I´m surprised myself.  =)

  The results of the shoot will be seen in November, so there´s quite a waiting period. The publication is nationwide, so it is another nerve wrecking thing to look forward to. But the magazine is totally family friendly, and there are also evening wear pictures, so it is of good taste.

Here´s all the glamor that´s left of the shoot.
   While standing there on the set, nearly naked, next to a fitness girl, I blamed myself for not having exercised, ever. Perhaps it is time to start now, that I know my modeling agency obviously can assign me to do revealing shoots too. I always thought those were for young girls only. But hey, they did tell me I look much younger than my real age (soon 37), and that´s why they put me up for this gig too. The other models were 30-31 year olds. Well, what can one do for being fresh and fabulous by nature?!  =)

  But it did get me thinking about starting exercising. To burn the fat that´s still there. I like outdoors and fresh air, so I´m thinking jogging might be an easy way to start. Not miraculous equipment needed, only the time that it takes, and it can be done anywhere (except at our summer home, where there are no roads because the whole island is so tiny). Definitely no gym, that´s not for me. Fresh air in and out of my lungs is what I need in addition to burning the fat. Perhaps I´d finally reach my original, pre-baby weight, that I´ve never yet been able to get back to.

  The only trouble is that while our daughter is still so small, I always have to take into consideration my husband´s comings and goings to be able to go jogging. But I´m sure he would enjoy the results too, if there ever will be any...
Should I stay or should I go? I´ll think about it over the weekend.

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