Sunday, August 10, 2014


  Since I´m testing to eat eggs now, we took a trip to a nearby organic chicken farm. They produce eggs, not meat. I wanted to see what their chickens´ living conditions are like, and to buy some eggs, whole spelt grains, and rolled oats. It made a nice little field trip for me and my daughter.

The farm is located in this beautiful scenery.
To my surprise they also had a small cafe open in the summer months.

We begun our journey. Different species of chicken are sorted in their own coops.

I was happy to discover they had lots of activities and a chance to climb and fly.
A beautiful individual. I doubt the chicken in mass production farms look this fine and dandy.

The roosters were very handsome and healthy.

Omg, what super cute bunnies they had! This one is still a baby, and stole our hearts immediately.

Quickly it´s mother came to make sure we´re not dangerous.
My outfit is from my Freedom Collection, and my daughter is wearing a mommy-made dress too.

One of their most exotic hens came from China. This is a he...

...and here´s a she with their chicks.

Old-fashioned machinery suit the organic surroundings, and are a proof that the people are not doing it for the money, but for their beliefs and hearts. Admirable!
There was also a playground for kids. Here under inspection is a second (or third or fourth) hand pedal car.

They had also a few ducks. These chicks are a week old.
Then it was time to head home sweet home.

  We both had a fun time and gained new experiences. And when we got home, I made us scrambled egg salad. Truth be told, my daughter did not like the eggs, since she´s not used to eating them. So I guess we´re both learning...  =)

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