Tuesday, July 29, 2014


  This dress saves my butt during these hot days of late summer:

It is the first of it´s kind, and I designed and drew the pattern all by myself. I´m no pattern maker, so I´m positively surprised the dress turned out so well! Yay! Never before have I had a spaghetti strapped diy dress. This is too revealing for work, but it is a life saver on hot off-days!
The material is thin, well-draping viscose. With nothing underneath the dress, it feels heavenly to have the wind swish the hem around, cooling me down pleasantly.

The top part caused me to use my grey brain cells a few times. I wanted it to be loose too to maximize ventilation, but was not sure how to prevent it from looking like a huge tent. But then I realized that adding a simple strap around would do the trick perfectly. Now it is still loose, but slightly gathered.

No makeup is needed on off-days, especially now when the skin is tanned and the weather sweaty. I like to accessorize even when I´m not wearing makeup. Here the sun hat, aromatherapy bow earrings, and nailpolish separate me from shabby (I hope!  =).

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