Tuesday, August 5, 2014


  This trick adds to the all-natural, nude look of Lammas that I like so much.

From a distance there´s only neat, well-cared-for feet and toes visible.

Fresh as a flower.

But seen up close you can see them embellished with sparkling silvery dots. I have found glued-on bulgy rhinestones pop out of place easily, so instead I use glittering silvery nailpolish. It does the trick equally well, and gives me a polished look easily for two weeks. Beauty should be fun and effortless, like these pretty nail-dos.
  Doing my toenails every two weeks keeps them healthy and pretty all year round. And it is a nice place to play with seasonal fashion too, with very little effort. The time put into a diy pedicure gives back at least ten fold in pleasure! The condition of one´s feet, and especially toenails, tells so much about the person. In good and in bad...

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