Friday, December 20, 2013


  Faux leather of course! This dress will go well all through Yule, from the beginning of December to mid January. It is not X-masy, it is just warm-looking and a classic.

Dancing the Yule away...!  I´m so pleased with how this dress turned out. I have always liked the look of sheepskin coats, but only now realized I could turn it into a casual dress for indoors. Besides, I´ve never yet come across with a coat with a nice cut. So this solves the problem. Yipee!

Comfortableness is always a must. My clothes need to be able to perform in everything I´m capable of too!

The fabric is thin suede-like polyester. It looks a lot like the real thing. The fur is also synthetic, and does a good job  imitating authentic sheepskin.

This classic needs no gimmicks. Even earrings are plain button-like studs (I´ve had them for years). Makeup is nude, with the only splash of color placed on my cheeks. I applied glittering red on them to give the look a fresh outdoors feeling.

P.S. It is exceptional that we don´t have snow yet. Or we did but it melt away. Fingers crossed for a white (or even frosty) X-mas!

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