Tuesday, December 31, 2013


  This New Year´s  eve I will be wearing a custom made outfit, just for the occasion. I got it finished yesterday, right in time for the party!

In reality this outfit is just another one for the office for Yule time, post X-mas that is. But it works well as a party look for tonight too. The reason I call this "The Ball Drop in NYC" is because of the print in the fabric. It is just perfect for New Year! In fact, I bought it over a year ago because I fell in love with the sky scrapers pictured. I´m a nature gal, but like a bit of city too. In my youth I lived in New York for a while, and this dress reminds me of those awesome times too.

The sketch. Like often, this dress looks better in real life. More interesting I might say. But it is sooo important to have a design in paper to start off by. I wanted to keep the end result more modern, so I omitted the blue ruffle in the hem. On the other hand I did not want this look to be all about modernism. So I added the long pearl necklace, earrings, and a classic satin bow in my hair to bring some good old-fashioned glamour to the look.
This dress has a bolero top. I can take if off if it gets too hot, and continue with short sleeves. Handy!
The dark blue here and there around the outfit brings it alive. The pearls, the nails, the eyeshadow, and the bow in my hair tie the whole together neatly. I made the lining for the dress of the same blue fabric shown in the neckhole. So if I dance hard, it just might show too!

I´m still psyched about being able to sign my work with these tags!

  Instead of hanging out at Times Square, we are having a family party at our home. That includes good company, fireworks, and delicious food and drink of course. What else is needed!?

  Happy and fun New Year 2014!


  1. Hyvää Uutta Vuotta myös teille! Kiitos ihanasta kortista. Tätä blogiasi on kiva seurata... Muistan vieläkin kuin eilisen kun olin katsomassa "pallon tippumista". Eihän siitä niin kauan ole? Tanja

  2. Voi kiitos Tanja! Niin, ja tykätäkin saa ja ilosanomaa levittää... =) Musta tää on tosi hauskaa puuhaa.
    Hetkinen, ainakin kun peiliin katsoo, niin luulisi sen NYC:n keikan olleen viime vuonna... =)