Thursday, December 12, 2013


  Yule would not be Yule without elves. Santa´s little helpers, who work their butts off for a year, so that Santa has something to give to the nice children of the world.
  The kids and I have searched for elves´ footprints in the snow, but have not yet found any. Perhaps they know already how good we´ve been throughout this year!?

  To show gratitude for their uplifting and good-promoting existence, I made this Yule outfit:

Once again balancing between stylish and costume-ish... but I think I/style won, big time! The shapes of the garments are such common streetwear, that they adapt well to my elf-world without going overboard. I think this particular look brings to life, to reality, a piece of magic usually seen in the movies. Magic that we allow ourselves to believe in, when watching the show. Magic that makes us happy. I love that magic.
The design. Originally I intended to make grey pants with red pom-poms, but reality does not always comply. This time there was no grey fleece available, and they had run out of red pom-poms. One has to be creative. I think the finished outfit is just as good with green pants. Somewhat different and more colorful, but just as good. I´m totally happy.

I´m always curious about side profiles myself, so I want to include it here too. This is often where many market items fail me. They hang loose like a tent. The key is to make the waist tight enough to sit well on the hips.

The headband was actually and accident, I confess. Exactly that length was left over when making the leg hems. I pondered on where to put it, and then it hit me. I had a few extra head bands in my stash, for moments like this, so I first glued the strip on and then hand-sew it in place. I think it is so much fun! The jewellery I made last year.

Finally I can "sign" my pieces with a designer tag! I wrote the text by hand, and had the labels made at Lifestyle with Love. Now my work looks as professional as it feels great to wear. My nine-year-old son was puzzled about the labels and asked why I wanted to add them to my clothes "because now they look store-bought". I took that purely as a complement!  =)

These pom-pom ribbons make the outfit fun. And fun is what dressing up, and life, should be! I banish all seriousness from my wardrobe! The shoes I found over a decade ago in a second-hand store nearby, and could not believe they fit me. I´m a "big-foot" so nothing usually fits me. I don´t know how old they are, but the model was originally designed for cross-country skiing, ages ago. These shoes rock.

  When I wore this outfit for the first time, a few days ago, I had a stranger come up to me in the mall, and complemented me on my style. It was a lady, who said she did some handicrafts herself, and had noticed my leg hems and head piece (I had a coat on at the time, so she didn´t even see the whole outfit). The incident made me so happy! It is so cool to be able to spread good mood and lift up spirits! In return I can live in a happier world. 

"They see you when you're sleeping. They know when you're awake. They know if you've been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake!"

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