Friday, December 27, 2013


  My oh my, have I been good this year! Santa brought me a Vitamix blender!!!

To me it is the thought that counts, rather than the cost of gifts... Clearly Santa disagrees. =)
To be honest, I have dreamt of this machine for years. And now I´ve got it. I can´t believe it. Yipee!

For this smoothie I threw in the citruses pictured above, seven small tangerines and a lime. Plus some water of course. The tangerines were full of seeds, and as an experiment I did not remove all of them. I gave the mixture a 30 second spin in the blender and...

...the result was incredibly creamy! I can´t believe there are seeds in this smooth mixture! Awesome!

  Looks like I´m in for a good start for the upcoming new year. Yum!
  May this gadged add a decade (or more) of years to my life!

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