Monday, December 23, 2013


  As part of prepairing for X-mas, my daughter and I took the time and effort to drive to a nearby city to visit a candy factory´s outlet. Not because the grocery stores don´t carry enough bulk for my needs, but it is a nice change and a nice day spent together.

The trip begun by hitting the highway, and that´s when the sun begun to shine too! How lovely.

Couldn´t help smiling, sunshine is pure positive energy to me. I just love going the extra mile to make my everyday life more varied and interesting. Especially if I can share it with someone. Daytrips here and there are a good option.

The skyline of the little town we hit. It is a shame there was no time for a proper tour. I know the old part of town is like the perfect picture of Christmas. There are many handicraft shops there, and they do an amazing job decorating their windows with wreaths of spruce, lit candles, ribbons and bows, and anything beyond my imagination. Well, maybe next year...

The new part of town was decorated with modern day Christmas lights. Had there been snow, it would have looked better. But we came here for the chocolate, not Christmas decoration! The most important thing here (and my heaven on earth), the candy factory, did not disappoint me this time either. I got everything I wanted, plus loads some free taste bites. Yum!

The chocolate tasting was a good starter for a more proper lunch. We ate at this beautiful all-vegetarian restaurant. This was my second time here, and I dig it so much I think I´ll come here every time I visit this town.
The salad bar is tiny, but every single dish is fresh, delicious and of top quality. And suitable for vegetarians! That is rare.
Ahh, finally some food! As the main course I had whole grain pasta with tomato sauce. So good, so tasty, and so much better for me than in a "traditional" restaurant.

This restaurant is built in an old house that was originally a home for a wealthy family. There are different salons in which guests can enjoy their food in peace and somewhat privacy. The atmoshpere is friendly and relaxed, even luxurious.

Then it was time to hit the road again. Our bellies filled with awesome vegan food, and the trunk filled with chocolate, we drove happily back home in sunset.
  Where´s all the chocolate, you may ask? It is waiting, hidden, in the closet until X-mas eve comes. If Santa pays us a visit, and is nice to us, he can have some too. I know, his cholesterol might be high already, but it is Christmas after all!  =)

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