Monday, December 30, 2013


  It seems so soon, but it is time to get ready for New Year´s already! I started by doing my nails.

Time to ditch the red & gold of X-mas, and make way for blue & silver.

The brighter the dark blue, the better. It resembles the night skies of this season, and silver is for the twinkling stars of course.
This chocolate candy brings me good memories of my childhood X-mases. We only stopped eating them right before puking! Good times... but I would not go that far anymore.  =)

  I don´t do fake nails. They look a bit too claw-like to my taste. Instead I do my nails myself, and thus get more variety in my looks as well. Sunday is often my nail day, and I make them once a week, which is enough. I have found that Inglot has good quality nail polishes, that last quite well throughout the entire week.
  Nails are a fun way to play with style and the sabbats!

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