Thursday, December 5, 2013


  This is the first tunic in my Home Collection. The simple reason for a tunic appearing in my homewear is that I can wear it with a pair of leggings, which are just perfect when hopping outside to play with the kids. It is so cold that I always put on warm and thick skiing pants when going outside, and they slip easily over my leggings. Plus there is no need to fold and tuck leg hems inside my boots. Handy!
  But back to the tunic itself:

My own, always a favorite, pattern is perfect for any look. Here I made a camel brown version, spiced up with pale pastels and dark brown. I never wear makeup at home, so my homewear needs to be subtle in color. I have a pale skin and light eyes, so soft and warm colors are the best choice for me "in the nude". =) The skirt hem is too very short, and I would never wear it to work, but at home it is okay. I can be totally relaxed and won´t have to worry about clothes, when wearing this.

Our house was originally built in 1830. We made dramatic extending to it, but respected the old, and kept the atmosphere as original as possible. This wood burning stove for example is new, but made to look like the previous one. My tunic is designed to match our old-fashioned home. How cool is it to be able to custom-make clothes this specificly!? I love it. I have never taken a single lesson in sewing, so I can honestly say to all non-believers that sewing is quite easy, not difficult! Just get a pattern with instructions, and start making your dreams come true!

Who can resist the lively flickering  of candles? Always a must in winter.

Notice the elbow patch, a small but important detail in this overall plain look. There is one on the other elbow too, but made of diffeerent color. I wanted to create a rustic, cute-ish, fairytale-like feeling. Handmade stitches here and there around the tunic also add to that.

The lable is meant to give this garment a potato sack-like feel. (Last spring I made my first version of this outfit, but was later disappointed by the fabric stretching out of limits. =(  But I like this look so much, that I want to keep it in my wardrobe!)

A detail of the ribbon running across the tunic hem.
The jewellery is something I made a year and a half ago, right after having my second baby, but have not yet been able to wear it much. My daughter is still very interested in everything dangling, and would destroy these pieces in a moment! But the time will come when I´m able to fully enjoy my "art"!

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