Tuesday, December 17, 2013


  "Rosolli" is what this salad is called over here, and it is a must in the X-mas feast table.
  I like rosolli so much, that I´m making it already for lunch. Once a year is far too rarely of this awesome mixture of tastes. Today I made it a complete meal by adding chickpeas in it.

This is beautiful inside and out. Beetroot dyes the whole salad  rich, deep red. Perfect for Yule. As I like my foods healthy (and desserts decadent), I added no dressing to it. Only a pinch of seasalt was needed. This is a food I can eat guilt-free, without gaining weight. It balances out nicely all those mountains of chocolate pralines I vacuum inside me during these weeks of Yule... =)

Rosolli and water is all I had for lunch, and dinner, today. Didn´t even crave for anything else.
The recipe (for two):

1 lb (500 grams) carrots
1 cup (2,5 dl) chickpeas (cooked)
1 medium-sized pickled beetroot
1-2 fermented cucumbers (or pickled)
a pinch of seasalt if needed

+ Peel, chop and steam the carrots. Chop the beetroot and cucumber(s). Combine everything and check for salt.

  This is my favorite way of eating rosolli. In it´s simplicity it tastes unbelievably soft and creamy, because there are no strong flavors disturbing the peace.

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