Sunday, December 1, 2013


  As Samhain is the party season of the year, we had a "girls´s" night out with my sister and Mom. We met at my sister´s, and gossiped our hearts out while dyeing our hair, doing our nails, and munching on goodies. You know, the usual awesome girl stuff.

  Later that evening we headed to town and hit a beautiful river boat restaurant.
I´m the only one of us who´ll touch something stronger than tap water, so I enjoyed a relaxing glass of sweet perry cider.
Naturally on the menu, as the main course, was dessert. This is a creamy Tiramisu. Instead of going for a drink, we usually opt for desserts.
The view from the boat was fantastic.
I´m wearing my Goth outfit. It is fancy enough for a night out in this cold weather. I only needed to apply a lot some more makeup.
  Our night continued in another bar, but there was nothing special there worth mentioning here. All I can say is that nights like these are far too rare these days. But I´m so glad we do get together like this at least once, if not twice, a year. I´m so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom and sister!

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