Monday, December 23, 2013


  There is something special about going in to the forest with the whole family, in hopes of finding a nice spruce tree to bring home for X-mas. We have always done this in our family, also in my childhood. And I want to carry on that tradition, even though it is easy to buy a perfectly proportioned Christmas tree from virtually every street corner.
  It is a great feeling to do something together, as a family. Everybody can join in, and there is that hidden little glory there for the person who finally finds the best tree.  =)

This is where we went to hunt (no worries, we got the land owner´s permission!). I can´t believe there is no snow for X-mas this year.   =(  Oh well, that´s just one aspect to the holidays. At least I have tons of chocolate and good company.

Somebody had so much energy that she could hardly stand up... There was a nearly-perfect spruce right by the road. But my husband dared not take it, he´s too so polite.

And another nice tree easily available by the road... and another no no for us. These natural trees represent the true beauty of nature. They are not "perfect" to our eyes, but they´re perfect pieces of wild nature, the way they were meant to be. That´s cool.
Hey, this will do!

Besides their visible beauty, Christmas trees smell beautiful too. Once, when our son was a toddler, and had bad allergies to everything, we had a plastic tree, but it was totally lame! Until then I never had realized how big a role the scent of spruce plays in making X-mas. 
Okay, I´m not as quick as my husband at this, but I can do it, I can do it! 

  Now all we need to do is take the tree inside and decorate it. It is also a part of our tree tradition to do the decorating on X-mas morning, with everybody who is spending the holidays with us. I put up the lights in the previous evening, so the tree is all ready for enthusiastic decorators, big and small.  =)
  I wonder what it will end up looking like this year...?

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