Thursday, April 4, 2013


  When we bought our nearly 200-year-old house many years ago, it came with some items that had belonged to the previous owners. Nothing valuable, but important to the property altogether. Like this old aluminum kettle.
  Instead of throwing it away I turned it into something useful:

A unique kitchen wall clock. I simply drilled a hole through the center of the bottom, and placed the pointers and clock machinery in place (which sounds fancy but is very simple). Sets are sold in craft stores for a low cost. That´s it.
The clock is the center piece of this kitchen wall, and by itself would have been too small and plain. So I placed it in an old wooden box my grandpa had made long ago, and added a couple of vintage glass bottles on the side. The lanterns are new, but go nicely with the spirit of our kitchen.
The little studs marking hours are actually tiny old nails. My son was exploring the old kitchen log walls the other day, and found these slightly protruding from the surface. What else does an eight-year-old do that grab a tool to pull them out? I again could not throw them away, and after a couple of days pondering where to put them, decided on placing them here. There are only five of them - all the more unique, right?

  Now this old kettle has the privilege of reminding us how time goes by. It is up to us to decide what to do with it...

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