Thursday, April 11, 2013


  I´m sure this will become it, in all of it´s versatility. So plain, yet a little feminine, breathable, and cozy. Easy to slip under a dress, short-sleeved shirt, vest, or simply wear by itself paired with jeans (and nude-colored bra of course, I´m a modest person...  =).

Like mother like daughter. The kid´s size came as a bonus from the leftover pieces. I can but love making children´s clothes, they are so easy!

I freaking love this fabric! Although I don´t even know what it consists of, it feels just perfect against my skin. I fell for the fabric when I saw it at the shop, and just had to get it. I knew immediately what to use it for. The shop is a two hours´ drive from my house, and I only go there like twice/thrice a year. But each time I do, I come out with a huge bag filled with amazing(ly cheap!) fabrics.
The neckhole is trimmed delicately, simply by turning in a 1cm seam allowance and sewing it on with a twin needle. This way it remains light, and underneath another garment merely complements the other rather than draws attention to itself.

  I can already see myself wearing this shirt with multiple different outfits. Can´t wait for tomorrow - I´m gonna wear this baby for sure!
  And the girl´s shirt, I must point out, is also perfect under the vest/dresses I make for my cutie.

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