Monday, April 15, 2013


 A dress is a must in my new Freedom-collection. I can´t always run around in only jeans, can I?

True to the basic line, this dress is a subtle light grey colour, which works well with only a hint of makeup. The fabric is thick, but stretchy, cotton jersey with faint off-white stripes in it. I can move freely in it, as I value comfort above all else. (And I fight against the common belief of comfort meaning ugly!  =) The boots I bought recently from El Naturalista, my #1 favorite shoe brand.
The neckhole is too low for my bony chest =).  My always favorite Trinny and Susannah taught us that "an empty neckhole is not attractive, it´s a disappointment!". So to fix the problem, I added a piece of fabric to fake a shirt underneath. It also makes the outfit look more complete.

To make the Freedom clothes less plain, I decided to add a feminine touch to each garment. Well, obviously, this particular one is a dress, but in addition I trimmed the hem with a length of cotton lace. I´ve learned that in our modern Western world, where women are supposed to be equal to men, we have lost a big part of our femininity. Why that is, I do not know really.  I believe women have a certain power over men, because we are different from them. Therefore I see power in looking and being different from men. Quoting Marilyn Monroe: "I don´t mind it being a man´s world, as long I can be a woman in it"!

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