Monday, April 22, 2013


  Your home tells a lot about you, and reflects your personality. Whether you like it or not. It is interesting to go to somebody´s home for the first time! The owner and the home might not resemble each other at all, or they could be very similar. You can never tell beforehand.

  When I´m at home the whole day, I like to wear clothes that suit my home too. Something that blends in, and looks like it belongs there. Something like this dress I made:

This is a classic sheath dress, but made of an almost potato sack-like fabric! The style suits perfectly our country home, and is not too sensitive to small stains either - they just add charachter... =)

These earrings I made last year.

Despite it´s harsh look, this fabric hangs beautifully and is soft to touch. What a find. I kept the back simple, and the fit loose. Home clothes must be the most comfortable of all, or they will stay in the closet!

This is the only detail in the dress, and is the thing that makes it look sack-like . I cut out a piece of the fabric, stamped the writing on with fabric paint, and sew the piece on, adding decorative stitching by hand.

  This dress is not sabbat-related, and can be worn year round. Because it is sleeveless, it is easily suited to any temperature, by varying the shirt worn underneath. Or worn by itself if it gets too hot in the summer.

  You can find a similar pattern to this sheath dress here. This type of pattern is extremely useful because it transforms into any style!

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