Monday, April 29, 2013


  We hit the road (went to a Children´s Fair) with these mock cardigans on last weekend, me and my little girl:

Paired with basic blue jeans, these cardigans look simply neat, warm, and comfortable. The color is once again subtle, giving room to the face with only a touch of nude makeup.

The knit fabric just screamed to be turned into a cardigan. For my girl´s version I only sew the buttons on down the center line of the front. No extra folds or anything, for her comfort. She likes to take naps sleeping on her stomach, and I wanted to leave the front as flat as possible.

For my own cardigan I made a fake folding line, and sew the buttons on it directly. Why bother with button holes if not necessary? This piece is so stretchy, that it slips on easily without opening the front anyway. For the buttons I chose a subtle color scheme, but wanted them to have some color. Nude and watery was the theme. Nothing too flashy, keeping the focus on the wearer´s face.

  The "boys" in our family came along to the fair too. My husband and our eight-year-old little gentleman wore matching vests too.
   Wearing matching clothes brought smiles on people´s faces, and we got positive feedback from complete strangers. It was delightful to see a sparkle in the other person´s eyes, when they noticed the little trick we were pulling. A simple way to make my surrounding life more positive and happy, which in return makes me more so too!

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