Sunday, March 31, 2013


  Here is how I´ve decorated our home for Oestara:

The front porch. The bunny is totally cute and childish, and thus represents perfectly my idea of the season.

No Oestara without narcissus!
This year it is still very cold at Oestara, so I put this pot of narcissus inside a large lantern to keep it from freezing.
Also because of the cold weather these spruce twigs are still the only greens that can make it outside, so I had to hang eggs on them... Well, at least it is original, right?  =)

Entrance hall and my always favorite pair of old boots.

In all of it´s ugliness, this chick is adorable in it´s own way. It is of course made by my son at school, and I just don´t have the heart to not put it up for decor.

Bathroom needs it´s own touch. Narcissus actually has a mild scent to it, so it works as a light air freshener too.
Kitchen table.

Probably the most important, and classical, place to have decoration at. These chicks have sweetened my Oestaras for many years.

Even the spice basket got it´s own narcissus. Perfectly in harmony with Herbamare and chili powder. (Please ignore the fridge door! I HATE having anything on it, but we are still learning to cope with diabetes, and need to have some instructions at hand.)

We spend a lot of time in the living room too, so I added a touch of spring in there also.

  Happy and beautiful Oestara!

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