Sunday, April 28, 2013


  Yipee, snow has finally melted off (nearly all of it)! This weekend, at last, the snow gave way to a treasure of mine I got for Christmas; an old bicycle. I have waited for months to get it out of the garage, and place it leaning against a young oak tree in front of our house.

I´m told this bicycle dates back to the thirties. Little do I know, or care really  for the age that much, because all I care about is the beauty it holds. Holds and spreads to it´s surroundings, and it makes me happy.  =)

It took quite a long while before I could decide what kind of case to place in the back of the bike to put the flowers in. I ended up with this woven willow basket. A wooden old box would have been a classic, but it looked too masculine, and, frankly, gave me the impression of an old drunk, who would have carried his liquor bottles in the back of his bike... This basket full of violets is much prettier and more fresh-looking.

Nature is just now exposed from the snow, which staid on the ground for six months this winter. Too long, I say. But now, these violets bring us the promise of the upcoming summer, and just the thought of it makes me smile.

It feels like the bike is staring back at me...
More violets landed to sweeten our yard. Against the barren land and this rusty old pot, the flowers look exaggeratedly sweet and delicate.

Welcome Beltane!

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