Thursday, April 18, 2013


  Now I´m going all wild about my Freedom Collection here! That´s all I´ve been sewing lately. Here is my latest creation:

A quite basic, horizontally striped, grey-and-white t-shirt. This shirt is soft, airy, and has a woolly feeling next to the skin. It weighs none and is virtually unnoticeable when on. It feels like a dream really. I paired it with the basic jeans again, a uniform of the modern woman.

The frill around the neckhole is the key to the whole outfit really. It adds a little femininity to my being. Without the frill, this shirt might as well have come from the men´s section! Nothing else is needed to catch the eye. Details too stark would only draw the attention to them, and not my fairly colored face. When I meet and talk to people, I want them to look at me, not a disturbingly protruding detail dangling from somewhere in me.
Makeup is minimal. Virtually only blush on the cheeks, mascara, and lipbalm is needed (that is the appearance, though in reality I also used foundation, filled the brows, and applied light- and dark brown eyeshadow). The idea is to look nearly bare-faced.

  For some odd reason, this outfit reminds me of the always-so-fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow. Classic, plain, and stylish. Not that I´m compairing myself to anyone, but it´s a positive feeling I get.
   ...Wait, now I got it! It is the color choises: blue jeans, grey, white, and black. Does the scale for everyday wear come any more classic than that? She is simply beautiful. Go Gwyneth!

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