Sunday, April 14, 2013


  "Freedom" for three practical reasons:
1. These clothes are worn on my days off (not work days).
2. These clothes look, at a glimpse, so ordinary that no one will begin to judge my appearance right away.
3. These clothes are colored so mildly, that they allow me to wear the minimum of makeup, I dare show my face on, in public.

  My main goal is still to make the perfect garderobe for work, but I need this collection now.
  Now is when I´m on maternity leave. You know, runningn errands with a kid hanging on my hip, which makes everything more difficult and so slow! I just can´t be sophisticated and look as fancy as I would like.
  So this collection is for my everyday shopping-, post office-, library-, having coffee with a friend-, etc. kind of things. Stuff I would normally do on weekends or other days off. My free days.

  This is the beginning:

Featuring my new favorite shirt and a pair of basic jeans (which are Levi´s curve id, not self made).

On free days it is possible to fool around, as I did with my hair now. After washing it, I braided it in small braids to make waves. Not straight-from-the-salon, but fun nonetheless! That´s what life is (or should be) about.

  Starting now, I will have no difficulties choosing an outfit when hitting the local grocery store weekly. Freedom, here I come!  =)

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