Friday, March 1, 2013


  When it comes to hair, I´m all for the classics (and the easier to maintain, the better =).  What´s more classic than a good old bob?

Apparently it is never too late to learn new things; for the very first time in my life I blow dried my hair!
I bought a dryer with a rotating brush to ease the job. I would never have the talent (and patience!) to use a regular dryer and a brush.
So anyway, I´m quite pleased with the way my hair turned out.
Oh, and it is worth mentioning that this is the day after washing and drying!

  P.S. My old, long, hair is now neatly braided, in an envelope and ready to be mailed to Locks of Love. Hopefully one day it will make a child, somewhere, feeling happy again! I´m just glad to help.

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