Wednesday, March 27, 2013


  My husband´s birthday is just around the corner. This year I decided to take a risk and put time and effort on making him a vest. He is so picky when it comes to clothes, that at times it frustrates me. So I do hope he´ll like this one:

A basic ribbed v-neck vest. It is easy to wear this over pretty much any shirt. My man usually prefers black, so I want to challenge him now. Personally I think he looks so much better with lighter colors. But hey, that´s just my opinion. I don´t wear any of the trashy-looking things he´d like me to wear either... Why is that, by the way, that men generally would like gals to wear such clothing overall? You know, tight mini dresses, tight jeans, and high heels. Especially while they walk around in loose and overly comfortable leisure wear themselves? So not fair, and I so like to go against the grain there! I think we women look our best when the impression of one´s sexuality is merely a hint, rather than having all out in the open.  Oops, but this was supposed to be about men´s clothing... Moving on.

I´m totally impressed by how I managed to make the v-neck hole so neat looking!
I added a row of random buttons to give the vest some contrast and detail. But again in very basic and subtle color, keeping the garment serious enough (blah, boring! Poor men, they can´t have fun with clothes. They always need to look serious to be taken seriously. Maybe the same applies to us women, but I just ignore the fact   =).

  Happy birthday honey!

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