Thursday, March 21, 2013


  Clothes are my passion when it comes to sewing. But occasionally I have to give in and make something else I/we really need. This time it is a blanket for my growing baby (or I should say a toddler now, she´s turned one and walks around, instead of crawling).

  Up until recently my little girl has slept under a tiny blanket my mom once knit for her third baby-to-be, my little sister/brother, who unfortunately was never meant to be (my mom had two miscarriages at a rather late stage of pregnancy).  =(  But the blanket did end up being very useful after all - both of my babies have slept soundly under it´s warm care.

  Now it was time to conjure up a new, bigger blanket for napping. But I´m no knitter. And I have no patience to do patchwork either. But I love patched quilts. Here is my short-cut-solution:

The blanket in action!

This measures 120cm x 150cm, so it is big enough for my girl even in her teens. Reducing consumption is the key here - I´d hate to have her grow out of this in a few years. (Okay, and I´d hate to have to make a new one in a few years too. =)

The patches are purely decorative. The material is 100% cotton, which in use creases up and gives a nice contrast  next to the fleece base.

I left the edges raw, so the blanket looks more worn and loved.

I made a pattern for the letters by simply sketching them on a piece of paper. Then it was easy to make them in the same size.

  The recipe:

120cm x 150cm piece of thick fleece fabric
20cm x 20cm pieces of random cotton fabric

+ Design the outlook of your blanket. Cut out the decorational patches, letters, and other forms you want to use. Place them on the blanket, fixing their place until you are perfectly happy with it. Pin in place. Stitch close to the edges. (Don´t worry about the hanging strings of thread outside the stitching line, they will set in place after the first wash. Simply cut them short afterwards.) Fold in about 2-3cm edges around the whole blanket and pin in place. Stitch. This gives the blanket a nice finished up look, although otherwise not necessary.

  Happy naptime (a beauty sleep would not do me harm either...  =) !

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