Friday, March 8, 2013


  My baby girl´s first birthday is coming soon! And the little princess needs something to wear for the big event. Here is what I made for her:

I´m learning to use pink... The material is wonderfully stretchy, breathable, and light. The guests will want to hold her in their lap, so I want to make sure she won´t roast!

We´ll have a bunny-themed party, but I could not find anything bunny to go with the dress! So I had to take the second best option available - cupcakes. These are buttons, which I simply sew on the dress. I think they give a nice three-dimensional touch, and are deliciously adorable.

She does have enough hair to wear this bow! My son did not at this age (but I wasn´t going to make him wear bows in his hair then either =).  I made this bow from a length of ribbon, which I folded and then sew by hand on a hair clip.

  It feels wrong to buy, or even make, an outfit for a single event. To be worn only once. This dress multi-tasks as an everyday wear after the birthday party  is over. I will cut down the amount of cupcakes (if not remove them all), and voilá, an easy-to-wear casual dress is born!


  1. Very cute! And - I like the cupcakes :) That is what Lilly's bedroom is decorated in.

  2. Care to share a peek? You always do decorating so stylishly. I know I should come see it myself... and I will again one day! =)