Saturday, March 2, 2013


  A leftover piece of fabric had laid in in my dresser for, hmm, let me count... five years. I found it some weeks ago, placed it next to my sewing machine, and decided I would make use of it. Like this:

Everything in this dress I found in my dresser drawers. I love not having to buy anything, and in the end being perfectly happy with the result!
Pink goes so well with dark brown! Pink stitching on brown gives the dress some detail and binds the colors together.
I did not have dark brown buttons, but black is so close, I bet nobody will notice... The buttons were the only other detail I wanted to add. The dress will be worn with a shirt and tights underneath it, so too many details in the dress would make the whole too busy.

  Buy Nothing Day. What a great idea! But why only once a year? I try to buy nothing for at least 2-3 days a week. I find it liberating. Saves time for other stuff. Like digging through my dresser drawers in hopes of finding a treasure, like this pink fabric.
  Other free stuff I like to do: playing with my kids, hugging my husband (sometimes he tries to dodge my attempts, and when I chase him around the house we both get a little exercise!), going for a walk/bike riding with my son, gathering food from the wild, swimming... I even enjoy gardening in the summer.

  It is easy to rely on external means of entertainment, like going to the movies, shopping, eating out, golfing, etc. You get the point. There is a place for them, but in excess is dulling.  I find it important to use my own brain too. Whipping up entertainment out of nothing, and for free. That way I stay appreciative of the small joys in life. The ones that make up most of my life anyway.  =)


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