Thursday, March 28, 2013


  Like father like son. After making a vest for my husband for his birthday, I still had a piece of the fabric left over. I can´t throw a piece of perfectly good material away, so naturally I wanted to make a matching vest for our eight-year-old son. How cute they will look now, side by side, a big man and a mini-man!

This really is not the vest I made for my husband, this is a miniature version of it. But they look so much alike. I can´t wait to see them being worn!

This neckhole is trimmed casually with a strip of the fabric.

Just like in the father´s vest, this one has a row of buttons running down through the middle.

  I will give this vest to my son on my husband´s birthday. It will be a big surprise for the kid to receive a present, although it is not his birthday at all!
   Luckily our little girl is still so young that she will not understand how unfair it really is that she´s not getting anything, and her brother is...  =)

P.S. This vest is made with a basic t-shirt pattern. I simply left out the sleeves, cut the neckhole into a v-shape, and made the armholes 1cm wider. Totally easy!

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