Tuesday, March 12, 2013


  Occasionally, when grocery shopping, I have caught myself being envious of older men´s shopping baskets. They only hold a few items - I wish my life could be so easy and simple! Why do I need to buy all this and that if they don´t? Okay, in reality they buy pre-prepared foods, which only need heating in the microwave oven, a loaf of bread, and beer. But why couldn´t my life still be more simple when it comes to food?
  I´ll try it out.
  This Oestara I plan to eat only 1-3 main ingredients in one meal.
  Like this:

 1/2 liter green tea
1 banana + a handful of nuts/seeds + berries (mixed, matched, chopped, mashed... anything goes)

1/2 liter water
Mon: pasta + onion + a veggie
Tue: beans + a veggie
Wed: home made bread + soup made with two main veggies
Thu: rice + a veggie
Fri: goat´s feta foccaccia
Sat: pancakes
Sun: mashed potatoes + tofu/fish + a veggie

1/2 liter green tea
muesli + soymilk

1/2 liter herbal tea + soymilk
dark chocolate

   I will use herbs and spices, and honey and such for flavour and seasoning. But only eat 1-3 actual food items. Each day I will ponder which food I crave the most, and choose to eat it. For example, do I want to make mushroom or tomato pasta on Monday?
  The amount of food is determined simply by appetite. If I crave it, I need it. This stuff, when kept home-made and clean of commercial sauces and ready-to-use mixes, is so healthy that I virtually can not overeat.

Friday´s foccaccia recipe: 2 1/2 dl water, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 Tbsp honey, 5 g dry yeast, approx. 5 dl whole grain spelt flour, 2 Tbsp olive oil. +In lukewarm water add salt, honey, yeast and some flour. Mix. Keep adding flour until a dough forms. At the end add in the oil. Place on baking sheet and roll out with a rolling pin to make a flat bread, like a pizza base. Cover with a cloth while you chop the toppings. This time I used cherry tomatoes along with the goat´s feta. Brush some olive oil on the bread, sprinkle your toppings, and finish off with little seasalt. Bake at 200 Celsius for about 30 min. Eat as much as you want (I ate half in one meal).

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