Saturday, March 22, 2014


  Willow catkins are a must decoration for Ostara home. But I wanted to go further and embrace it in my garderobe as well. Like this:

Inspired by the soft little catkins that is. Juggling between stylish and costume-like is my things. I like to push the boundaries, but stay on the style side. Therefore you don´t see actual catkins, only hints of them.

The tunic is made of soft cotton velour. It reminds me of the softness of catkins, and keeps me nice and warm in these still chilly days.

I kept the main color of the outfit subtle, while creating contrast with the dark brown edges and the vine running accross the hemline. Small decorative buttons brighten the whole up, and bring Ostara´s beautiful pastel colors in to the game.
Just to show the back.

Since the look is mostly grey and "dull" (which is because nature itself is still mostly grey and dull too) I wanted to brighten it up further by wearing colorful makeup (in pictures the makeup always looks way more lame than in reality). On the eyes I used lilac and purple, on the cheeks soft pink, and on the lips yellow/golden gloss. So there is a myriad of colors going on, but in a fresh and youthful way. For me Ostara is the childish time of year, and my looks respect that.

It´s no surprise that I made the jewelry myself too. These woollen "beads" lead the way, and repeat the colors of the mini-buttons in the hem. I imagined the small dark brown glass beads as the stems of willow, and the woollen ones catkins. You would never know, if you did not know.  And you are not supposed to. Not everything needs to be so obvious. =)

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