Wednesday, March 5, 2014


  It is time to summarize my creations for Imbolc. My goal is to make five outfits for each sabbat. So far I have four completed for Imbolc:

Behind one of the doors is my seasonal, sabbat-related, collection. As the wheel-of-the-year turns, so does my garderobe change. That way I regularly get a new set of clothes, that feel new and are just right for the time being. The styles I like have changed only a little over the years, so the garderobe is durable and thus saves both money and the environment (and encourages me not to gain weight!). I love my system! It has made life so much easier.

I hang everything in sets, jewelry included.

The Ice Skater.
A close-up of the available jewelry for the look.
The Ice Faery.

The jewelry selection for the look. I can choose to wear as little or as much as I want, according to the occasion.
The 1920´s White Blouse.

Less is more. The cross is a relic from my past, and holds sentimental value to me, not religious.

The Cotton Candy Princess.
Once again, many options to choose from, not all at once.
And finally The Snowflakes.

  All the above from my imagination, made in Nelland.

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