Tuesday, March 4, 2014


  Apparently handbags are my new area of interest. This one is quite small, and holds only the most essential items like a phone, camera, and wallet, but can also fit a bottle of water or gloves if needed. This one is for those "sophisticated" strolls through the city without kids. =)
  Although March has begun, it is still Imbolc in my calendar (still a week or so to go before switching to Oestara). Therefore I made this bag in Imbolc colors, the ruling ones; grey and light blue.

The look is simple and quite modern. One handle, instead of two, is easier to use and reduces hassle when digging in. The color combo goes with all of my Imbolc outfits.

A snap button keeps the bag closed, but is quick to open when needed.

This is the first time ever I try working with thick faux furniture leather. It was a pleasant surprise to notice my basic Singer sang through the project with no problem! The neat thing about faux leather in a handbag is that it is stain- and liquid-resistant, and it is so sturdy that it keeps the bag well in shape.

I lined the inside with this adorable baby blue cotton with white polka dots on it.

  Time will tell if this cutie becomes a favorite. Sometimes it is difficult to judge beforehand. Life is the best test. But it sure looks nice! Thumbs up.  =)

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