Thursday, March 27, 2014


  Sarah Kay´s world is amazingly beautiful. I try to bring a bit of it´s innocence and childlike wonder into our world by my new outfit:

A snug top paired with wide-legged pants. One of my favorite combinations. I loooove loose and comfy pants. Period. The ruffle around the neck edge is brought from Ms.Kay´s world, and is the trick to this look. By keeping the shirt color subtle, the ruffle does not stand out too harshly. The ruffle also adds nice bulk to my shoulders, balancing out my pear shape. Beauty is about proportions, and luckily the eye can be deceived...  =)

  Long skirts are nice, but so unpractical to wear. I like to see these wide pants as the modern equivalent to ye olde times´ long skirts.

I have always liked to combine light green and purple/lilac. They are just right for Ostara.
Makeup adds to the whole. In the spirit of Ostara I do a colorful, pastel, palette. On the eyelids I applied lilac and purple, yes, to repeat the color of the pants. I used shimmery light pink blush on the cheeks, and a light coat of yellow/golden lipgloss. The necklace is one I have bought about five years ago, and I just love it. The colorful beads look like tiny painted Easter eggs. Earrings are my own aromatherapy ones (they go with everything!)
  P.S. Last summer I also made an outfit inspired by Sarah Kay. You can see it here. These two outfits are very different, but possess the same kind of spirit, don´t they?

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