Wednesday, March 12, 2014


  Do your panties crawl up your crack uncomfortably these days? I recognize the issue, and hate it! But I know it is not my fault. I have not changed that much in the past twenty years, since my teens. I blame the fashion industry. Is it their goal to keep us unsatisfied, so we´d keep buying more?
  I mean seriously, who on earth would enjoy a crinkled stack of fabric up their butt?!

  The same problem extends to swimwear too. And that´s even worse, because other people see you in your swimsuit. Panties can be kept to yourself, but man, swimsuit is public!

  I decided to try making a swimsuit for myself. One that would stay in place and keep me comfortable.
  Lord have mercy, I succeeded!
  (A note about the following pictures. This is wildly beyond my comfort zone. It is not my intent to show flesh on this blog, but I can´t find a way around wearing the swimming gear in order to show it. Body image is a big deal to us modern people. And although I´m in peace with my frame in real life, I feel sensitive about posting these pictures here, because we mostly see gorgeous supermodels in swimsuits. So sorry about my untoned lazy butt! I do Pilates, that´s all I´m capable of nowadays. Just remember: this post is about the swimsuit, not my bod. =)

Straight front view to give you a good idea of the garment. This is my first ever attempt to make a swimsuit, so I opted for the most basic color, black. I figured any mistakes that might occur, would show the least in it. =) But to my pleasant surprise there were no major flaws. Yey!
The shape reminds me of the 1950´s swimsuits with their low-rising leg holes. This pattern is a combination of an aerobics top, a pair of my store-bought panties, and a backless tank top. It was quite a mess putting it all together, and that´s why I was so surprised that the first attempt succeeded. For once something is easy!
I like a strapless back.It is easy to wear and balances out the more covering lower half. The secret to the crotch staying in place is the width of it. Countless times in stores I have looked for panties that would have a wide crotch piece. I have searched cheap and pricey, and over years have only found one model that meets my standards. So I took a  pair of those and sketched the lower part by it. Voil√°!
  I test-drove the swimsuit a couple of times in a public pool the other week. It worked well. Then I was finally able to toss my old, grandma-like, swimsuit! Ask my husband, it was hideous.  =)  This new one he approves of.
  I´m sure to make another one later on in different color. Now I´m actually looking forward to the beach season!

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