Sunday, March 9, 2014


  As a stay-at-home mom my life is full of lazy days and hard parties... I wish! But tonight I did get to go out with a friend, without the kids!

  I "accidentally" made myself a new party top this week. =) I say accidentally, because I did not intend to make anything new for the occasion. But during my last visit to the store, this fabric caught my eye. It is perfect for my skin tone, and to be worn year-round in little unofficial parties. How could I have resisted it?!

A cool, crinkled, beige base tinted with shimmery gold. The material is so interesting in itself, that it does not need any gimmicks or hassle around. A plain kimono-sleeved pattern is just perfect to bring it forward.
I paired the shirt with mellow yellow aromatherapy earrings, and added a drop of essential orange oil to set a happy mood for the evening. The golden theme continues in my makeup. On the eyelids I applied shimmery light gold eyeshadow on the inner 2/3 of the lid, and to give depth, greyish brown on the outer 1/3. Blush is beige, and on the lips I used yellow/golden gloss.
  This has been a happy Women´s Day. Women rule!

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